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Another Friday

Boy, am I glad to be greeted by a cascade of fashion editorials upon logging onto LJ. I just realized that FotoDecadent, which Czar recommended I subscribe to, has been the only LJ group whose content does not translate to clutter on 'Friends' view. Some 'friends', in fact, do a better job of cluttering pages than these groups do. Hahaha. Ahem. :P


What an un-Friday Friday evening. Everybody's out, while I'm at home preparing a deck for tomorrow's Photoshop Workshop. Well, I just learned a new Photoshop trick last night and had an absolute Wow! moment in the process. Haha. I wanna make tomorrow awesome! :)


Work is...stabilizing. Oh, for the love of learning! I'm appreciating the role of account managers more and more, and I'm being envious of creatives less and less. Haha. I have my late nights and my weekends to draw and paint, anyway, and that's good enough for me :)

Status Report

I just feel like talking about this. I haven't talked to a real person outside of my house for a very long time. Haha.


In case anyone cares, I'm very very busy because I've been commissioned to illustrate a children's storybook. And you know how children's books have to have a lot of visuals in them. So I'm working on A LOT of illustrations, which spell out a real challenge for me. If you can imagine how hard it is to draw a lot of people, a lot of buildings, and a lot of cars, this is the first time I'm drawing many pages of people, buildings and vehicles and...mundane street objects like stoplights and road plants. I'm a bit worried that I'm progressing slowly because I'm too OC about details, and I don't know why I insist on having technical elements in my drawings like 2-point perspective and correct lighting. In addition to that, my style is heavily influenced by comic books, so I try to compose using cinematic angles. And even if it's a children's book, I still veer towards realism 90% of the time, which makes it more difficult for me. When I create something, I always want it to be beautiful. I don't want to compromise quality and release a piece of work that doesn't meet my standards, even if people may already think it's nice as it is. If it feels wrong, someone out there with the aesthetic eye is bound to notice what's wrong with it. I think making art just has a lot to do with trusting your gut. The more you practice and the more you expose yourself to other people's high-quality work, the more reliable your gut/intuition/whatever becomes.

All the while I'm learning a lot in the process of drawing this book. I've had a lot of futile attempts to combine vectors and digital painting in the past. Experimenting with my initial studies to get the look for the storybook illustrations, I successfully accomplished a style that combines vectors and digital painting. So expect something new when you see the finished product. :)


That's a plural 'you'.

Huuu...I miss my Econ loved ones!!!

Soundtrack of a Convalescent

While I was bed-ridden, I bid Miuccia* to download new albums for me to listen to.

1) Green Day 21st Century Breakdown --the sound is closer to American Idiot than their other albums, but it's been a long time since we heard that. I don't think I've had enough of that kind of sound just yet. :)

2) Arkells Jackson Square --combine Rooney and Jet, and make 'em Canadian. Haha. Seriously, this is a good album, especially for the busy ("Deadlines") and for the employed ("Oh, the Boss is Coming!"). And if you wanna hear a very sad love song, listen to "I'm Not the Sun".

3) The Clash London Calling --A long time ago I was too young and too Avril-y to appreciate classic punk. I realize that old school punk isn't actually, well, noisy. In fact our parents would probably find modern pop-punk noisier because of all the audio layers and textures (yes, hindi lang pang-Photoshop ang layers and textures. HAHA) created by modern sound engineering. You'd detect a teensy-weensy bit of reggae beat in some Clash tracks, which I'm guessing is how the ska movement also began to emerge? Anyway, I'm not an expert in music history, but my family would understand why The Clash's "Lost in the Supermarket" is a track that will forever be close to my heart. :)

4) Download in Progress ----> Ok, Tal Bachman. Let's see if you're one of the unfortunate cases of underrated talent or really just a one-hit wonder.

*Miuccia is my reborn Macbook. I discarded the green case that made it 'Galliano', reformatted the hard disk, and cleaned it's bare white shell. Now it looks feminine, hence Miuccia, after Miuccia Prada. :)

Yay! Everyone's blogging again! It's good to hear from you all. :)

Me at Three.

I normally don't do self-portraits but..


...once upon a time I was really cute.

home school

I just downloaded a 9.38GB torrent of awesome-ness!
South of Nowhere is like the indie film of TV teen dramas! I love it!

[ Pero tae, ang panget nung bida, di ko ma-get over, sorry hahaha  ]

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