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Since UP holds no regular classes on Wednesdays, I went to the gym in the morning. It had been raining buckets since last night, which made waiting for a taxi outside Burgundy a bit bothersome. When I got to Eastwood, it turned out that the instructor for the 6:30am class got stranded and his motor broke down. So I opted for the pedal machine (or whatever it’s called) and the treadmill.

Today I just lazed around, doing a little bit of work in-between. There isn’t a lot of urgent work at the moment, though doing some in advance would really save me a lot of cramming and stress later on. But today was just friggin’ lethargic! See? I’m even able to find time to write a blog entry! Just goes to show how ‘blah’ today really is. In an effort to be productive, I spent some time experimenting with digital painting again on my Wacom. [View Work in Progress na makalat. Thank you, [info]kyreii, for the suggested title. ^ ^ ] And then pushing myself to finish a long-delayed poster for AdCore, which made me really sleepy in the process, so I took a nap for a few hours. I woke up to an IM from Tetel. Then I surfed the net for leisure because it’s been ages since I last visited TheFashionSpot.com for industry updates. There are A LOT of new models whose names I do not know. Talk about a high turnover rate. I didn’t bother matching the new names and faces. No thank you, I’ll stick with my favorites consistently at the top of their game. Jessica Stam has more than ten ad campaigns this season! But the bigger news is…Gemma Ward’s back! She disappeared for a while from the runway to shoot an indie film in her local Australia, but now she’s back with more awe-inspiring editorials and magazine covers. I was never a Gemma Ward fan, but I kind of missed her in the recent fashion shows, so I guess that unwittingly places her in my list of favorite models now.

Also, Karl Lagerfeld’s reaching his 25th year at Chanel! I’d better find time to download the shows for his anniversary collection. Speaking of Chanel, Freja’s Chanel ads this season are. Just. Hideous. Er, a little justice to my favorite model?

In other news, I just tried Seattle's Best's Black and White Mocha tonight. I'm becoming a spendthrift lately. I've developed a bad habit. Originally I only went to Seattle's if I had to sacrifice sleep for studying. Now, I go just to satisfy the craving for a coffee drink. Bad bad bad. Do not ask me how much cash I spend waste there in a week. I don't want to think about it, and I cannot yet face the reality of my allowance depletion. Eep. >_<

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