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We formally begin.


After 21 years, Work = Play.
Ok, people. I need your heart-breaking stories to fuel me inspiration! I can't even paint a fuckin' cloud!

Dec. 21st, 2009

24 hours with 7D is a good way to kickstart the holiday season.

(Plus, it was heartwarming to watch the Ecosoc Choir and see old friends there who didn't expect to be seeing us at Mico's house. Hehe!)

Take a step back

I think it's time to meet old friends again.
I just revisited some old Ecosoc albums in Multiply. Maybe it's the cold breeze of nostalgia that a rainy day usually brings, or maybe it's because today is September 26, which, if you're sentimental like me, is the anniversary of Solstice.

I know life goes on and all that shit. And once upon a time I was cursing incompetent BA professors and regrettable GEs like Arkiyoloji 1.

But God, I miss college.


I almost forgot about this one!

Model: Karmen P.

Sep. 3rd, 2009

I always knew that I'd spend on books once I'd started earning :)
Some people are worth the rainy, North-bound travel.

I just had to see them again :)

One Ring to Rule Them All, yo!

Because of the general dullness of life these in the past week, I just had this sudden urge to watch Lord of the Rings again. I downloaded all three movies and watched for three consecutive nights. Because I downloaded extended editions, I think I finished Return of the King at around 4am already, and I still had work the next day. I have read the books in high school and watched each of the film adaptations as soon as they were released. I remember being addicted to LOTR that I even memorized the "One ring to rule them all..." verse in Elvish. I'd also pour over the book's Appendix trying to figure out Dwarven runes and the Tengwar alphabet. Haha. Until now, I never truly realized what an amazing piece of work LOTR is. Even if you haven't read any of the books, the films have merit of their own. I don't think I've seen any other film saga adaptation so complete. The plot, the script, the cinematography, the storytelling and the special effects were simply grade A, and the numerous references to the Darkness and the Light, which are inherent to the book and are very crucial to LOTR's core concept, were strongly felt in the movie's execution. A lot of shots were framed in such well thought out, symbolic scenes, as well (e.g. the singly white blossom that nobody noticed on the long-barren White Tree of Gondor). LOTR delivers the most profound yet fathomable treatment on the story of good versus evil. Besides, it's not as preachy and direct as Chronicles of Narnia (Aslan is Jesus!)

Having the idea of taking Middle Earth with me wherever I go, I downloaded the soundtracks for all three movies and replaced half of my Shuffle playlist with them. I just found the solemnity and grandeur of the tracks quite revitalizing for the mind. I listen to them at work, and when I sleep. Heck, the only time I play the other half of my playlist now is on the treadmill! And if I weren't half-finished reading two other books right now, I swear I think I'm this close to digging up my old LOTR books and start reading them again!

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